The residences are very well located in Palermo neighborhood, in Buenos Aires. They are a few blocks from the “Bosques de Palermo”, which are beautiful parks in the middle of the city, and also very near Santa Fe avenue. There are a wide range of means of transport to go to and from the residences. The specific neighborhood that houses the residences is called Palermo Viejo. Palermo Viejo and Palermo Hollywood, Palermo Soho and Las Cañitas are trendy, youth oriented areas with lots of restaurants and cafes. The centre of the neighborhood nightlife takes place at Plaza Serrano, about six blocks from the residences. The area also has a good system of public transportation, having its main point in Plaza Italia. Plaza Italia is just two blocks from the residences and has a subway station as well as bus stops for over 30 “colectivos” or buses.


Palermo is the biggest neighborhood in Buenos Aires and it is sub divided informally in different areas. You will hear about Palermo sohoor the Palermo parks for example among many other names used for the different places within the neighborhood. The reason of this is its size: Palermo is as big as a small town
Palermo is particularly famous for its parks, architecture, museums, and nightlife
Palermo has the best parks of the city! There is no other place where you’ll find so many different gardens, flowers, lakes and beautiful monuments. If you take a map, all these are located between Santa Fe Ave. and Figueroa Alcorta Ave. and can be seen all in half day if you like walking.
Depending on your interests you can choose what to visit. Palermo hosts theBotanic Gardens of  Buenos Aires, the Japanese Garden, the Rosedal (The Roses Garden) and the Parque 3 de Febrero (a.k.a. as the Palermo Forest).
Fresh air, beautiful colors, marble statues, fountains, lakes and flowers make this a mandatory place for those who enjoy outdoor activities
Palermo is the trendiest place to go out in Buenos Aires. It is very safe at night and most of the restaurants, bars and discos of Buenos Aires are located here.
The area of Palermo to go out is known as Palermo SohoThe heart of this place is Plaza Cortazar (called by locals Plaza Serrano) Around this little  Plaza you will find lot of options to have lunch or dinner, get some drinks or go dancing. This area is located between Santa Fe Ave. and Cordoba Ave.